Twelve Angry, Petty, Hate Filled, Spiteful Men

by forzabahab

What Did You Say About Mein Fuhrer?

There’s only so much that ad revenue and competitive trolling can cover up or excuse I’m afraid, and while people complain that getting people to click (and subsequently earn them money in ad revenue in the way commercial tv prices ad space dependent on ratings) to read their scum sucking diatribes, but sometimes you simply have to read them just to remind yourself why you hate them so much.

One of these men invented The Daily mail. The other may as well have.

One of these men invented The Daily mail. The other may as well have.

Yes, it’s our chums at the Mail again, making you seethe and vomit in equal measure. As the Tory party conference gets underway they’ve decided that they need to smear a member of the opposition, but having serialised the book of an ex Brownite spin doctor (and by extension laid into most of the shadow cabinet) they needed a new target and have raised the bar on offensive rhetoric by turning their venal, petty, hate filled attention on to Ralph Miliband, father of Ed, who died in 1994. Yeah.

They’ve taken some diary entries and spun it into an origin story for a poster boy of Marxist agitation. According to them he hated Britain, and all it stood for. Which of course explains the fact that he CHOSE to come here when fleeing the Nazis (oh don’t worry, we’ll circle back to them) from Belgium. And when he got here he was so disgusted by what he found he decided to live here, raise a family, and join the Navy. To defend a country he hated. (One can only presume he registered his hatred for the country by drilling little pinholes in every ship he served on, or he might have encouraged Hitler as he swept across Europe in the 30s. Who would do that though?)

The Mail bravely stand up to fascism in the 30s.

The Mail bravely stand up to fascism in the 30s.

Now politics is, sadly, a dirty petty partisan business. Overnight the US descended to the bottom of the self-interest barrel as the GOP, despite being outvoted in an election where Obamacare was a central plank of the campaign, decided it was better to block the approval of a budget and let the government effectively shut down than allow the will of the people to prevail. Campaigning is often to be found rooting through the bins of decency and good taste to get to the hypocrisy beneath.

Now the Mail, fresh from purple face apoplexy that people didn’t all genuflect on the passing of their heroine Mrs T, have decided to attack the dead father of the labour leader. Both sides of the pond, populated by little cabals of right-wing nutjobs, who hate everyone who isn’t like them and take every measure available to try to rubbish and divide and marginalise those they have contempt for.

The Mail reserves a warm welcome for their immigrant chums

The Mail reserves a warm welcome for their immigrant chums

(Oh and let’s be fair here, people like Vicky Coren, currently hunkered down in a foxhole of her own digging as she attempts to persuade us that there’s nuance to the back story of a child rape, and sneering at anyone who dares disagree because they don’t understand her reasoning, is doing no one any favours on the other side if we’re honest)

The thing is it’s the mail that hates Britain. They hate the fact that we’ve decided to introduce a minimum wage and it hasn’t brought the economy to its knees, or gay marriage hasn’t resulted in every straight couple’s heads exploding. (Ok, I’m not 100% sure they said that, but let’s face t whatever catastrophe they predicted didn’t happen, unless it was Man United’s start to the season; in which case kudos). They despise the fact that despite their protestations people are just getting on with forging the kind of country they want, in the same way that California has simply ignored the whining of the Tea Party, and got on with repairing the damage caused by previous republican regimes by doing what was RIGHT, and worrying about getting reelected later.

(Yeah, I know, never happen here. *sigh*)

Unfortunately, like a child that’s being ignored the Mail are getting progressively desperate for attention, and this latest spittle flecked shot of bile has just set a new standard that their mob of attention seeking swivel eyed headcases (or columnists to you and me) will see as a challenge. At this point the sarky git in me would expect to be able to suggest that they did a piece on the death of a relative of a prominent Labour figure who wasn’t actually deceased. But then the pedant in me remembers they’ve already done that to Alastair Campbell.

Relax, they’ll find some new way to make the case for Leveson to be implemented soon enough. Meanwhile, until TMZ kills tabloid print papers for good, here’s their new hero auditioning for his new role…..

Seriously, you could not do better with a felt tip pen.

Seriously, you could not do better with a felt tip pen.

Ludicrous George

So what else? Oh yeah, speaking of contempt for the people they need to vote their cobblers in, witness Osborne yesterday in his speech. He started by outlining his view that the country had become dangerously addicted to being in debt. Perfectly reasonable. Then three minutes later he praises the help to buy scheme as a way of getting people into more debt than they can handle (if they could afford the fucking ridiculous house prices they wouldn’t need to borrow the money; they’d save up for a deposit).

That’s how stupid they think people are; blatant hypocrisy that they barely bother to spread out because they honestly don’t give a monkey’s their whole election campaign will be about how shit the other lot will be. Hardly any wonder people don’t vote when the debate is at the ‘your mum’ level really.

Oh and fun fact, the cuts the Tories like to characterise as ‘deep’ and ‘far reaching but necessary’, and Labour like to label ‘savage’, ‘evil’, and ‘spiteful’ actually work out at 0.5% per year so far.

Essentially the Tories want you not to notice they’ve bottled their original savings plans in the face of complaints from many sections of society, and Labour want you to believe that we’ll all be living under a bridge if we don’t vote them in.

Nick Clegg just wants a pony.

Next time; sweary crap and knob gags, promise…..